“You’re Nicked!” – Another Hilly Waddington Ride

I did another CycleChat forum ride to Waddington today with Alun, Gordon (‘OldnSlow'), Steve (‘Steve H'), Dave (‘potsy') and Colly. We had a good day for it – a bit windy, but nice and sunny and comfortable temperatures.

We rode out via Widdop again but this time Gordon made sure not to snap any more expensive carbon fibre bike parts! (He snapped a £500 CF seat post last time when he hit a sleeping policeman (rumble strip) in the road above Brierfield.)

We rode past Black Hill along Padiham Heights this time and descended into Sabden on the road from Padiham. It isn't quite as steep so it is safer – I encountered a couple of cars coming up Black Hill last time when I was descending quickly.

Another variation – I wanted to let the lads have a go at the Nick o'Pendle so we headed straight up that instead of taking our usual left turn and heading for Spring Wood, Whalley. The Nick didn't feel as hard as it normally does because we had a helpful tailwind all the way to Waddington. (That was a tough headwind for the return leg later!)

We turned left for Pendleton on the descent off the Nick. I'd often seen the sign but have never ridden that way before. I liked it! It's a quiet lane which took us through the hamlets of Pendleton and Wiswell and we then turned right, over the A59 and down to the old Clitheroe Road. We turned left onto that and rode down into Whalley from the opposite direction to the way we usually do it.

After riding through Mitton we did another variation on our normal route. Instead of turning right for Waddington via Bashall Town, we continued to climb through Bashall Eaves towards Cow Ark, turning right at Micklehurst and taking a lovely lane which eventually brought us out towards the bottom of the descent of Waddington Fell.

A right turn and a quick half mile blast down the B6478 and we were in Waddington for our cafe stop.

Gordon was extremely nervous about leaving us bike out of sight round the side of the building and to be honest – I don't blame him! If his old seat post cost half a grand, how much is the whole bike worth? (It must be at least £5k!). He locked it propped up in front of the cafe where he could keep an eye on it.

We posed for a group photo after our long cafe break, and then headed back to Whalley via Bashall Town.

CycleChatters at Country Kitchen cafe Waddington
L-R: Alun, Me (ColinJ), Gordon, Steve, Dave, Colly (One of Dave's photos)

Gordon had ridden over from Whalley to do the ride with us, so we said goodbye to him there and continued back without him.

We did our nice scenic ride back to Padiham via the Old Roman Road and once again took Padiham Greenway back to Rose Grove, but guess what – they've only gone and finished it since we rode it last time! We were cracking jokes about the way we had to do some cyclocross at the end of it the first time we used it, but now there is a sweeping tarmac strip to take us up to the lane to Rose Grove.

The ride back to Hebden Bridge on the A646 was uneventful except for the fact that the wind was making it hard work.

All in all, another nice day out with the lads. I clocked it at 64 miles (103 km).

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