When Hubs Go Bad!

Well, I’ve had confirmation of why colly wasn’t able to ride very fast in his bottom gear last Saturday… 😉

What 'Legs of Steel' can do to a hub...

His biggest sprocket had ripped the splines out of the hub! That’s an example of why the sprockets in many cassettes are riveted together (it spreads the load out over a bigger area of the hub).

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2 Responses to “When Hubs Go Bad!”

  1. I still can’t believe he managed that, his legs are obviously too strong!

  2. I just checked an old Campagnolo cassette. The biggest 3 sprockets are riveted together, but there is only one set of ‘keys’ to engage with the splines on the hub. The keys are fairly thick though so they will each push against a fairly long length of spline. I think the other thing to watch out for is to have the cassette tight on the hub so that it tends to act as one solid block rather than a loose collection of separate groups of sprockets.

    Hmm – I just checked our group photo – colly uses Campanolo too. I wonder why his big sprocket wasn’t riveted on to the next two. I’ll ask him on CycleChat.

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