Weight Loss Progress – Week 7

I started this year weighing 220.0 pounds (15 stone 10.0 pounds, 99.8 kg). Last week, I weighed 212.7 pounds (15 stone 2.7 pounds, 96.5 kg). This week, I weigh 212.6 pounds (15 stone 2.6 pounds, 96.4 kg). That's a loss last week of only 0.1 pounds, or 0.1 kg. Total weight loss so far is 7.4 pounds or 3.4 kg.

My original waist measurement was 45″, last week it was 41.0″, this week it is still 41.0″ . That was a loss from my waist last week of absolutely zilch and still a total loss so far of 4.0″ (all rounded to nearest half inch).

Weight loss before and after photos - end of week 7

I did two sessions on my exercise bike (one – 40 minutes of hard intervals, the other – 47 (!) minutes steady) and a 104 mile road bike ride with quite a lot of hills.

My week's worth of ‘treats' (i.e. not strictly healthy food and drink) were – half a toasted currant teacake, one sugar in my one coffee, one small bar of chocolate and a couple of pieces of shortbread.

So, what went wrong – why the sudden loss of progress? Well, the truth is that I cracked and I had a few consecutive nights of beer drinking at the end of last week and running into the start of this one. I went way over my alcohol quota again this week and by the time I got a grip on myself, I could tell that my waistline had got bigger and the scales confirmed it. 🙁

Verdict on week – I really let myself down by putting on weight at the start of the week. I then had to fight to get it back off again. The all-day bike ride yesterday took the best part of a pound off me, so without the gain earlier in the week, I think I'd have managed to lose over 2 pounds this week. It just goes to show how sensitive my body is to alcohol, and how careful I need to be with it. I must try harder!

My first bad week, but looking on the bright side – I still managed to lose some weight, even though it barely registered on the scales and didn't register on my waistline!

I need to lose about 1.4 pounds next week to get another carton of OJ ticked off my OJ-ometer!

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8 Responses to “Weight Loss Progress – Week 7”

  1. Trouble is that measuring your waist where you’re measuring your waist ISN’T measuring it.

    You should have your tape measure across your belly-button, which I’m afraid might add a couple of inches! Also might explain why you’ve achieved a 4″ reduction without losing much weight.

    Good luck anyway.


  2. Hi Allen.

    I had a bit of an internal debate about where to take the measurement. At first, I thought round the belly button, as you suggest, but I checked in a few places and there was some disagreement about that. My navel is a bit on the low side so if the tape goes round that, it takes my hips in as well, unless the tape is sloping down from the back. TBH – I don’t care if it is measuring my waist as long as I always compare like-with-like. If you look carefully at the sequence of photos taken over the last 7 weeks, you can see that I’ve been very careful to get the tape in the same position every time. I have a small birthmark on my side and the tape is always just below that and above the navel. It is also just above my hip bones. I agree that I would get a bigger measurement if I lowered the tape but I’m sticking with doing it the way I’ve started off doing it.

    My aim is to have no roll of fat round my waist, and to be able to wear a pair of 32″ waist jeans again – comfortably! I’ve been wearing baggy trousers like the Zimbabaloobas in those photos for over 10 years now and I’d like the option of occasionally wearing tighter trousers again.

    I think that 1″ of the claimed reduction might come from adopting a more natural posture for the pictures. When I took the first couple, I was so determined not to breathe in that I was almost pushing my belly out. Now I just stand up straight and relax.

    If you count the weight I lost before starting the blog, that’s 9.4 pounds now which is about 20% of my target so I’m fairly pleased with that. My aim all along as to get the weight off steadily without doing anything stupid. If I’d been more careful with the alcohol consumption, I’d probably have lost at least another 5 pounds by now. I lost a pound on Saturday by doing an 8 hour hilly bike ride so I know that I can achieve 2-3 pounds a week if I really want to push it. I’m happy for the process to take until July or August as long I keep the weight off through next winter. I’m really sick of the constant yo-yoing.

    Thanks for your comment,

  3. Stick with it Colin, some weeks you’ll lose more than other weeks.

    Weight loss might get a bit easier as we move into spring and you get more opportunity to get out on the bike, although you don’t seem to let the cold weather stop you.

    Did the one pound that you lost on the bike ride stay off or was some of it water?

    Hope to see you on the SITD ride


  4. Hi Alun.

    I suppose that it was good to have a reality check because it was starting to feel too easy! It’s only easy if you stick to the 3 rules – eat sensibly, drink sensibly and exercise sensibly. I’ve been doing well with the first and third rules, but alcohol was always going to be the stumbling block. On previous weight loss programmes I’ve just given up alcohol for the duration, but the trouble is I always want to start up again at some point. I think it is better to try and drink in moderation and stick to that forever.

    I’m getting out on the bike more now, but I actually didn’t ride it at all from November 30th to January 21st!

    That pound was a genuine pound of fat. I actually weighed about 4 pounds less when I got home but 3 of those pounds were fluid losses and came back over the next couple of days. I’ve done quite a lot of audax 200s and I lose about 1.25 pounds of fat during each of those. In terms of hours on the bike. for me 8 hilly hours = 1.0 pound = 3,500 calories, 10 or 11 hilly hours = 1.25 pounds = 4,375 calories. I think that demonstrates why it is easier not to take the calories in, than to try and burn them off. I can easily put 3 pounds on between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day and that would take about 24 hours of hilly cycling to burn off! 😕

    Yes, SITD is coming up. We will have to get a little group together like the one for the mini-NWP. I usually end up doing audax rides by myself because I’m quicker than the really slow riders, but slower than the quick ones! It was nice to have company on Saturday.


  5. You’re doing really well but I think you have to lose the beer to lose the weight, good luck and keep at it. I’m about to start tomorrow.

  6. Well, the beer definitely doesn’t help but I’d like to be able to have one night a week to look forward to. If I stick to my 6 beers a week limit I can still lose weight, I’ll just be doing it more slowly than I would otherwise. If I really can’t keep to that kind of limit, maybe I’ll have to give it up altogether… 😥

  7. Following your site to help give me motivation, 6ft and started at 17 stone in January.

    I have good weeks and bad weeks. I planned to lose 2lb a week, but have only lost 1lb week so far.

    My downfall is also beer. I play darts 3 nights a week and whilst I will only drink on 2 of them, sometimes the plan goes out the window.

    I want to lose the weight, but not become a ‘weight obsessed freak’ and where possible try and keep my social life.

    I gave up beer for 6 weeks last year and lost 1 1/2 stone. however the second I drank again it all went straight back on.

    It’s difficult, but now the better weather is here I can get out on my bike, have a turbo trainer at home but after about 30 minutes I am bored senseless so have a rowing machine to help take away teh boredom.

    Keep up the good work, it is an inspiration for others.

  8. Hi Trevor.

    I used to like playing darts, but I could never play properly when drinking! I could play pretty well at home, but after a couple of beers at the pub I was useless.

    I’m currently only managing about 1 pound a week weight loss myself. 2 pounds a week is definitely doable, but it is hard when still drinking beer. As you say though – who wants to become obsessed with it… I’d prefer to get most of the weight off by mid-summer so I can enjoy my cycling more, especially since I’m convinced that we are going to have a decent summer in the UK this time round. If it takes most of the year though, so be it – as long as I don’t put it back on again next winter (I really can’t keep doing this every couple of years.)

    I think it is important to be realistic with the beer drinking. I was definitely drinking far too much but I think 6 beers a week would be okay if I just stuck to that many. Of course I haven’t been for the past couple of weeks. I’m just not willing to give up alcohol unless it becomes absolutely necessary.

    I’d suggest that you come up with a sensible and sustainable beer ration for yourself and see how that goes. When I am drinking, I’ve started having the odd diet coke between beers to cut down on the actual beer intake. There’s a limit to the volume of liquid that I’m prepared to drink these days so if some of it is non-fattening, there is less room for the fattening stuff!

    I used to do long turbo sessions but they are boring and I don’t think they are really much better than shorter more intense efforts. I’m sticking to 40-50 minutes maximum now. Listening to loud/fast music definitely helps the time go by.

    I’m glad that you and other people are starting to follow what I’m doing because that was one of my motivations for creating this blog. I reckon that if I can get slimmer and fitter just through healthy exercise, a good balanced diet, and moderate consumption of alcohol and other ‘treats’, that should help encourage other people out there to do the same. There is so much crap on the internet and elsewhere about weight loss. Some people really believe that it is possible to lose 5 or 6 pounds a week without making any effort. That’s just crazy!

    You keep up the good work too!

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