Weight Loss Progress – Week 6

I started this year weighing 220.0 pounds (15 stone 10.0 pounds, 99.8 kg). Last week, I weighed 213.4 pounds (15 stone 3.4 pounds, 96.8 kg). This week, I weigh 212.7 pounds (15 stone 2.7 pounds, 96.5 kg). That’s a loss last week of 0.7 pounds, or 0.3 kg. Total weight loss so far is 7.3 pounds or 3.3 kg.

My original waist measurement was 45″, last week it was 41.5″, this week it is 41.0″ . That was a loss from my waist last week of 0.5″ and a total loss so far of 4.0″ (all rounded to nearest half inch).

Weight loss before and after photos - end of week 6

I did two sessions on my exercise bike (one – 40 minutes of hard intervals, the other – 45 minutes steady) and a 59 mile road bike ride with a few hills.

My week’s worth ‘treats’ (i.e. not strictly healthy food and drink) were – a toasted cheese and onion sandwich, and a piece of chocolate cake. I went way over my alcohol quota this week (12 beers instead of 6), mainly because I went to the pub with friends one evening. I don’t make a habit of going out, but I must keep an eye on the alcohol intake.

Verdict on week – not great, but still making progress.

I need to lose about 1.5 pounds next week to get another carton of OJ ticked off my OJ-ometer!

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