Weight Loss Progress – Week 5

I started this year weighing 220.0 pounds (15 stone 10.0 pounds, 99.8 kg). Last week, I weighed 215.0 pounds (15 stone 5.0 pounds, 97.5 kg). This week, I weigh 213.4 pounds (15 stone 3.4 pounds, 96.8 kg). That's a loss last week of 1.6 pounds, or 0.7 kg. Total weight loss so far is 6.6 pounds or 3.0 kg.

My original waist measurement was 45″, last week it was 42.5″, this week it is 41.5″. That was a loss from my waist last week of 1.0″ and a total loss so far of 3.5″.

Weight loss before and after photos - end of week 5

I did two 45 minute sessions on my exercise bike, a 75 minute walk, and a hilly 41 mile road bike ride.

My week's worth ‘treats' (i.e. not strictly healthy food) were – half a buttered toasted currant teacake, a teaspoon of brown sugar in one coffee, two cheese and onion sandwiches, and a large bag of salted crisps (USA/Canada – potato chips; confusingly we also eat potato chips, but you'd call them ‘fries!). I went over my alcohol quota this week – 9 beers instead of 6.

Verdict – not too bad. The fat is coming off steadily, therefore so are the inches off my waist and people are starting to notice. My sister bought me a pair of 38 inch waist trousers a couple of months back. She knew that I was far too fat to get into them, but they would give me a target to aim for. At the time, my waist was 7 inches too big, but now I'm halfway there – only about 3.5 inches too big. At this rate, they should fit me by the end of April. I promise that I'll take a picture of me wearing them (and not bursting out of them! 😉 ) before May 2009.

Oh, and another litre of OJ has been ticked off my OJ-ometer! (I miscalculated and thought I was 200 grams short, but no – including the kilo lost after Christmas which was before the blog started, I've now lost 8.8 pounds or 4.0 kg! 🙂 )

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