Weight Loss Progress – Week 23

Well folks, it's time for yet another total lack of weight loss progress report!

I started this year weighing 220.0 pounds (15 stone 10.0 pounds, 99.8 kg). Last week, I weighed 205.1 pounds (14 stone 9.1 pounds, 93.0 kg). Ho hum – no change! Total weight loss so far is 14.9 pounds or 6.8 kg (17.6 pounds, 1 stone 3.6 pounds, or 8.0 kg since Christmas). My original waist measurement was 45″, last week it was 39.0″ and this week it remains the same. That is a total loss so far of 6.0″ (all rounded to nearest half inch).

Weight loss before and after photos - end of week 23

Exercise for week: An easy 3 hours of mountain biking, a gentle 3 mile stroll, a shortish walk up and down a big hill, and an extremely strenuous 125 mile road ride with a lot of hills, some steep!

Weight gain due to alcohol intake only just cancelled out at the end of the week. Crazy, huh?

Here is the current OJ-ometer.

Verdict on week – I didn't lose any weight. I think I am successfully proving that trying to lose weight just by exercise is not a great strategy. Okay, my diet is pretty healthy, but excess booze = excess blubber! Also – making the same mistakes week after week = same lack of progress week after week. I'm not making progress, but I'm managaing to avoid piling the weight on, but only by doing lots of exercise. When the next winter comes and I'm not doing 125 mile bike rides any more, what do you think is going to happen if I haven't sorted myself out by then?

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4 Responses to “Weight Loss Progress – Week 23”

  1. Come on Colin, you’ve got into a rut now.

    I challenge you to lose 2lbs in the next 7 days !!

  2. Hi Alun.

    Yes, I definitely AM in a rut. Unfortunately it is a cyclic one of put 1-2 pounds on, lose 1-2 pounds, put 1-2 pounds on… and I’m currently up in weight! That means I’ll only get back down to where I was if I lose 2 pounds. I’d have to lose 4 pounds this week to actually end up 2 pounds down from where I started… 😥

    I’m planning to go from a walk or a ride later today after doing my weekly market shopping. That won’t make a huge difference but it will at least get me away from the PC for a couple of hours.

    I was going to try and do a 2-3 hour ride tomorrow but the forecast is for strong winds and showers so that probably won’t happen. Perhaps, I’ll get back on the old exercise bike for an intense hour?

    I’ll do what I can at the weekend but again – it rather depends on the weather. If Sunday is good, I have a really tough little route planned (think Spring Into The Dales and add half as much again on in distance and climbing!) I’m not going to do it in bad conditions though.

    At least I’ve had a couple of nights off the beer so far this week. Let’s see if I can get resist the temptation through to Sunday now.

    If I can get back to my starting point by weigh-in on Monday morning, I’ll do my best to get 2 pounds off that next week.

  3. hi colin, I was jogging over 30m a week and just maintaining, it’s only when I got injured that my weight shot up. I use to be pissed off because I wasn’t losing , I was more pissed off when it went up. you’re doing ok, just try to steer clear of the booze, btw we’re near enough the same weight , my problem is food. roy the jogger

  4. Hi Roy.

    I would have a problem with food too if I kept much of the stuff I like in the house!

    Last week I did the Red Rose Ride (oops – I haven’t finished the write-up on that yet!) and there was a lot of food left over at event HQ at the end. I took up the offer of a free loaf of bread and a large pot of cheese and onion spread, both of which I knew were packed with calories but I was very hungry after 12 hours of cycling. I called in at a friend’s house on the way home to give half the bread away because I knew that I’d eat it all if I didn’t. By the following lunchtime, I’d eaten my half of the loaf and the entire pot of cheesy spread! That’s why I don’t include things like that in my food shopping – they are just too ‘moreish’ and easy to prepare. I love baked sweet potatoes but the fact they take me 25 minutes to cook means that I don’t feel tempted to eat them as snacks. The only things I could eat as snacks are salad vegetables, muesli, and fruit. Everything else requires cooking. I definitely couldn’t have cake, biscuits or chocolate in the house but I do allow myself to eat those things at cafe stops on long bike rides or walks.

    I used to enjoy jogging too but it was injury and arthritis that put a stop to that. I injured my left foot and ankle when my foot slipped into a big pothole as I sprinted down a dark lane. It’s never been 100% right since. My hips are showing definite signs of the kind of arthritis that crippled my late father so I don’t risk running any more. Every time I break that rule, my hips ache for at least a week. I do miss running, but I mustn’t do it.

    I’ve had half my recent booze intake this week and feel better for it, but yes – I must try and cut down even more.

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