Weight Loss Progress – Week 18

I started this year weighing 220.0 pounds (15 stone 10.0 pounds, 99.8 kg). Last week, I weighed 205.9 pounds (14 stone 9.9 pounds, 93.4 kg). This week, I weigh 205.5 pounds (14 stone 9.5 pounds, 93.2 kg). That’s a small loss – only 0.4 pounds, or 0.2 kg. Total weight loss so far is 14.5 pounds or 6.6 kg (16.7 pounds, 1 stone 2.7 pounds, or 7.6 kg since Christmas). My original waist measurement was 45″, last week it was 39.0″ and this week it is pretty much the same. That is a total loss so far of 6.0″ (all rounded to nearest half inch).

Weight loss before and after photos - end of week 18

Exercise for week: Not a great deal, actually – only a 5.5 mile walk and a 45 minute exercise bike session. I could use the fact that we had very windy weather as an excuse, but other people I know still went out on their bikes. I just had a lazy week!

Once more…. weight gain due to alcohol intake only just exceeded by weight loss due to careful eating and (some) exercise.

Here is the current OJ-ometer! I should soon be able to tick another carton of OJ off.

Verdict on week – The Usual Suspects!

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2 Responses to “Weight Loss Progress – Week 18”

  1. C’mon Colin, get a grip man !

    Mind you I had a week of indulgence in Benidorm and put on 4lbs.

  2. Naughty!

    One indulgent week isn’t too bad as long as you get stuck in again now you are back.

    I’m doing The Cotswold Challenge on Saturday. It’s a century ride from Meriden to the Cotswolds and back and I’ll do an extra 15 miles to and from the event. That should get a pound off me! I just have to make sure that I don’t drink it back on again though. 😉

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