Weight Loss Progress – Week 11

I started this year weighing 220.0 pounds (15 stone 10.0 pounds, 99.8 kg). Last week, I weighed 211.7 pounds (15 stone 1.7 pounds, 96.0 kg). This week, I weigh 210.6 pounds (15 stone 0.6 pounds, 95.5 kg). That’s a loss of 1.1 pounds, or 0.5 kg. Total weight loss so far is 9.4 pounds or 4.3 kg.

My original waist measurement was 45″, last week it was 40.0″, this week it is 39.5″. That was a loss from my waist last week of 0.5″ and a total loss so far of 5.5″ (all rounded to nearest half inch). (PS I think I pulled the tape measure a bit too tight when I did that measurement. Maybe it is closer to 40″ but I’m not too bothered about fractions of an inch. I can feel my waist getting smaller week by week and I’m having to tighten my belt more. It’s all good, steady progress but I’d like to step it up a bit otherwise I’m not going to be fit enough for some long bike rides planned for June and July.)

Weight loss before and after photos - end of week 11

I an easy one hour level walk and a hillier one lasting about 1.5 hours. I also did a strenuous road bike ride – 60 miles with about 4,000 feet of Yorkshire hills crammed in and with a really strong wind to battle all day.

My week’s worth of ‘treats’ were – a Chinese takeaway (Vegetable Foo Yung again + chips (fries)), I shared a buttered toasted currant teacake and a bag of chips and I had a couple of chocolate chip cookies on the bike ride. I went over my alcohol quota yet again this week.

Verdict on week – generally good, but could do better.

And finally – at long last, another carton of OJ has been ticked off my OJ-ometer!

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4 Responses to “Weight Loss Progress – Week 11”

  1. Hi Colin,

    Good to see you’re sticking at it. You’re still losing weight, even if it’s not as fast as you would like.

    What’s happened to the exercise bike, you haven’t mentioned that recently?

    Check out Longers’ Foolow photos on the “Cyclechat Jersey Relay Journal” I’m not going to Penistone with him, that’s for sure.

    I’ll see you in a couple of weeks on the “Mytholmroyd Marathon”


  2. Hi Alun.

    Yes, I finally hit a total of 5 kgs (11 pounds) loss. It doesn’t sound a huge amount, but I had a 5 kg bag of Maltodextrin (carbo-powder) delivered today and when I picked it up it struck me that it was actually quite heavy. I still want to lose three times that again though.

    The exercise bike is really only for when I can’t get out on the real one so I (hopefully) won’t be using it much again this year until about November. Mind you, the forecast isn’t so good for the next few days so you never know!

    I’ve just looked at the CycleChat photos – that looked like a nice day out on the bikes!

    Yes, see you on the 5th April in Mytholmroyd.

  3. Colin,

    Just a thought.

    5kgs of Maltodextrin contains about 19,000kcals according to a site I looked at. Have you accounted for it in your calorie intake?


  4. I only use carbo-powder for bike rides over 3 hours. On those, I always lose weight (even allowing for dehydration) so I know that I’m not taking in too many calories, in fact it can be a problem to keep the energy supplies topped up. I’ve ‘bonked’ or ‘hit the wall’ a few times by not eating and/or drinking enough on long/hard rides and I try to avoid that now – it’s a horrible feeling. I’m only aiming to top up the glycogen stores as I’m going along. Obviously I’m burning fat too and that’s something I want to do so I wouldn’t take in calories to cover that.

    For shorter rides I just use water and orange juice mixed 2:1.

    On longer rides I add three 20 g scoops of powder per 750 mL of drink. Sometimes, especially if it is hot, I add a small amount of salt to the drinks. On a 50 mile (80 km) ride, I’d normally drink two 750 mL bottles, but on the hilly one coming up it will be more like 2.0 L, but probably nothing to eat.

    I’d drink four 750 mL bottles on a 100 mile (160 km) ride, perhaps with a can of Coca Cola or an energy gel to perk me up towards the end, and probably eat a couple of sandwiches, a piece of cake or some chocolate – anything to get a few more calories in.

    The longest rides that I’ve done have been 125-140 miles (200-225 km). I’d drink (say) six 750 mL bottles plus a couple of Coca Colas, and eat three or four sandwiches plus a piece of cake and a bar of chocolate. I actually struggle to eat and drink enough when I’m tired, but that’s when I need it most.

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