Walks, Bike Rides and Me

A big aim of writing this blog is to motivate me to sort out my weight and fitness problems. That seems to be working because I’m being much more attentive to what I eat and drink, and I’m making more effort to exercise. Even though I currently have a small readership, I still feel that I’d be letting myself down if I had to start posting about sitting around doing nothing and regaining the lost weight.

I want my posts to show that the walks and bike rides I do are an integrated part of my life, not just something that I do to lose weight. I enjoy taking part in those activities. Exercise should be fun. Why would anybody choose to do something that they hate doing? Well, the answer is that they won’t – at least, not long-term. People wanting to lose weight should be thinking long-term. If you are trying to slim down, can you eat what you’re eating, drink what you’re drinking, and keep up your exercise programme for the rest of your life? No? Well, it won’t work then. You will force yourself to do it until you hit your target (if that long) and then – bang, the weight will go piling back on again when you return to your old lifestyle, as you surely will.

You don’t have to walk or cycle. Perhaps you’d prefer swimming, tennis, golf…? Just get active – it doesn’t really matter what you do as long as you are burning enough calories and enjoying yourself.

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