Walking Shoes And Walking Boots For My Birthday Present

It was my birthday last week (I'm now 56 – yikes!) and my sister offered to buy me a new pair of walking boots, since my old ones have finally fallen to bits after about 10 years of use. I've been distracted and hadn't got round to telling her which ones I wanted. That turns out to be A Very Good Thing because the company I was going to suggest to her (Javari – an Amazon company) have just sent me a 20% off voucher code! (Read on – I'll give it to you further down the post!)

Now she is getting the discount, she has decided to buy me a pair of shoes as well – thanks, sis! 😉

Now, as many of you will know – I get commissions from many of the products/companies that I mention on this site, and Javari is no exception. I am displaying my birthday choices below with special links attached and I will earn some extra money for my birthday when my sister buys through them. (I will get commissions from you too, if you visit Javari through one of my links and then choose to buy something. If you do – many thanks!)

These are the shoes and boots that I am getting …

If you are looking for new shoes or boots (or bags!), I strongly suggest that you check out this store by clicking on either of the pictures above. Use Javari's filter controls to set the price range, size, colours, brand names etc. that you are interested in. I found it a very easy-to-use system. I was extremely impressed by the huge range that Javari sell.

You'll get free overnight delivery in the UK and free returns if you are not satisfied with your purchase(s). I used Javari for my last pair of walking shoes and was very pleased with them – see this blog post.

I'm allowed to give you the discount code as part of a promotion to find new customers for Javari – it is TWTYJAVA – use it when you go to their checkout page.

***PLEASE NOTE – THE CODE IS ONLY VALID UNTIL FEB. 12TH 2012*** (The links will still work after this date, but the promotional discount period will have finished.)

Also note, this voucher code applies to all items in your first order but you can't use it a second time so if you want to buy several items, buy them all in one go, which is what my sister is doing!

Final note: Javari cater for men, women and children, and sell a complete range of footwear – fashion, casual, sports shoes (including some very nice cycling shoes!), walking/hiking, work shoes/boots and so on. PLUS a huge range of bags – handbags, laptop bags, messenger bags, sports bags …

Go and take a look – there's a lot of stuff there that would make ideal gifts for your loved one(s)!

(Okay, that's the end of this shameless promotion – I need to send a link to this page so my sister can order my birthday presents!)

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4 Responses to “Walking Shoes And Walking Boots For My Birthday Present”

  1. Hope you had a fab birthday, glad your sister spoilt you!

  2. Thanks Amy. Yes, I got some nice presents and a friend cooked me a great meal. Not so keen on getting ever-closer to 60, but hey, I suppose it is only a number!

    I’m now just waiting to see if Javari meet their 24 hour delivery target (they did last time).

    Enjoy your holiday!

  3. A belated Happy Birthday Colin, I hope you put those boots to good use!

  4. Thanks Alun.

    I was set to make a comment about Javari failing to meet their overnight delivery target, but a phonecall reveals this to be a ‘purchaser uses outdated debit card details and then fails to check email notifying her of error’ problem! 😉 The correct card details were provided this evening, so the order should arrive on Wednesday since today’s cut-off for orders was missed.

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