Walking in the Mist

It has been feeling much milder the past couple of days, though patches of snow and ice persist in sheltered spots. I went for another hilly walk with my friend Lisa today and it felt good to be outdoors again. We were disappointed that the sun didn't quite manage to burn its way through the mist – we thought at one point that it was going to, but then a gloomy grey mist rolled in again.

It's been a good week so far – I've done a couple of hilly walks and three vigorous 45 minute exercise bike sessions, I've had no beer for several days, no junk food, and only healthy meals. My one moment of indulgence* was to have a toasted currant teacake with butter and a coffee today when Lisa and I called in at a cafĂ© in Hebden Bridge after our walk.

The photograph below shows the Calder Valley in which Hebden Bridge is located, about 1.5 miles down the road off the left of the photo. 2.5 miles down the valley the other way is the next town, Todmorden. You can probably see from the picture that there is quite a lot of infrastructure crammed into a fairly small amount of space down there. In fact, there is a busy road, a railway line (one of the two transpennine rail links between Manchester and Leeds), the Rochdale canal, and the river Calder. There is a towpath beside the canal and I frequently walk along that. I also use it to link together sections of bridleway** when I'm out on my mountain bike. It's good for avoiding the traffic on the valley road.

Misty Calder Valley

* I found 3 biscuits (cookies) in a nearly empty packet left here by Lisa. What the heck – I had them with a nice mug of tea. I'm much better at resisting the temptation to buy fattening goodies, than resisting the temptation to eat them when they are right there in front of me! That's actually a good point – if you want to lose weight, first reduce temptation, then resist what temptation remains.

**bridleways are offroad paths in the UK open to walkers, cyclists and horse-riders, but not to motor vehicles

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