Walk – Todmorden

The weather was lovely today, but my legs were a bit stiff from yesterday's tough bike ride so I didn't want to do a ride today. Lisa rang to see if I fancied a walk so we decided to make our way to Todmorden along the canal towpath to snap up some of the bargains on offer at Lidl (4 tins of tuna for £1.99; I bought 4 packs) and Morrisons (4 tins of Branston Baked Beans for 79p; I bought the maximum permitted – 3 packs).

It was good to be out in the sunshine and getting my legs moving again.

The towpath is in pretty good condition so it is very easy walking, perfect for recovery after a day out cycling on the hills.

We encountered some nice wildlife on the walk, including these…

Young horses
Young horses

It turns out that I'd not made the mental connection that ponies are not young horses, they are small horses! When I called to Lisa and pointed out the ‘ponies', she replied that they were not ponies, they were foals! Well, I've been looking into it and apparently, they might not be foals either! If they are male they might be colts and if female, fillies. It could be even more complicated – if male, but castrated, they'd be geldings – aaargh! I'm not a horse person; it's all explained here!

Heron - patience is a virtue
Patience is a virtue – all things come to he who waits

Not much more to say… Total distance walked 5 miles, about 0.75 miles of which was carrying 3 heavy bags of shopping!

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