Walk – Stairs Lane, Crimsworth Dean

Well folks, I’m no longer going to write up all of my lengthier walks on this blog. The reason is that I’m getting more serious about trying to earn money online and have therefore started a new walks blog which is focussed on selling hiking/walking shoes/boots. The details of some of my longer walks will be posted on there instead, but I’ll always link to them from this blog, and will include some extra photographs here that I don’t use on the new blog.

The new blog is at Women’s Hiking Shoes. (Despite the title, I’m promoting men’s & children’s shoes/boots too!)

Hint – Any time you want to buy some new footwear, I’d be very pleased to point you in the direction of some great online deals! 😉

Here we go then…

I did a fine 6.2 mile walk with Lisa today. It involved catching the number 500 bus over Cock Hill, and then walking back via The Conduit, Stairs Lane and Crimsworth Dean.

Read the details of the walk in the Hiking Boots For Women – Ideal For Walks Like This post on my Women’s Hiking Shoes site.

(You’ll notice that the titles of some of the posts on the other sites will include ‘keyword phrases’ to try and rank for them in the Google search results. They will also include up to 3 ad links per post. Hopefully, people will still like to read about the walks and won’t find the commercial side of things too intrusive.)

Here are a couple of extra photographs from the walk:

Old stone barn
Old stone barn

Crimsworth Dean beck
Crimsworth Dean beck

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