Walk – Nutclough Wood, Burlees Wood

Lisa needed to go up to her mother's house in Dodd Naze*** so she rang me to see if I fancied a walk. I did, actually, especially because I don't walk up that way very often. The only trouble was, the weather wasn't good; it had been raining all morning. Still, a walk is a walk and I do have waterproof clothing – what the heck – “Yes, I'll come along!”

My waterproof overtrousers tend to make my legs sweat so I decided to wear my old Ronhill Tracksters, them being the coolest legwear (temperature-wise!) that I own other than shorts and cycle clothing. Now the trouble with my Tracksters is that I have worn them for so long that the seat area is worn away; I usually only wear them for lounging around in at home. No matter – they'd be covered by the overtrousers. I also chose to wear a very ill-fitting cycle jersey under my rain coat. Same reasoning – comfortable, though ugly.

And so we set off..

Of course, as soon as we got to Nutclough Wood the rain stopped and the sun started shining! I'd gone from perfectly dressed for the conditions to very over-dressed in a few seconds and I couldn't really take the waterproofs off because what I was wearing underneath wasn't suitable for the general public. This became a boil-in-the-bag walk!

Nutclough is a delightful, tranquil little wood only a few hundred yards from the town centre. It's a pity that selfish dog owners have spoiled it by letting their pooches crap everywhere and not cleaning up after them. The smell is omnipresent… 😕

We spotted a rope swing hanging from a tree in the upper wood. I saw that it would take anybody mad enough to use it right out over a big drop so of course I went nowhere near it. Lisa saw that it would take anybody mad enough to use it right out over a big drop so of course she went straight for it!

Rope swing, Nutclough Wood
Rope swing, Nutclough Wood

(I was tempted to name that photograph ‘Blonde swinger' but I was a bit worried who might turn up here! :wink:)

After leaving ‘Dog Crap Central', we made our way up to Dodd Naze and upon finishing there we set off on a footpath that was new to me – from the road above Dodd Naze down through Burlees Wood to Mytholmroyd. Despite extensive walking and MTB riding round this area, I can still find footpaths and bridleways that I haven't visited before. I've got a few more lined up for exploration in the coming weeks…

Footpath to Burlees Wood
Footpath to Burlees Wood

We spotted something interesting in the fields below the footpath, and they spotted us too!

African Buffalo?
African Buffalo?

I think they are some kind of African buffalo. I tell you what – I wouldn't want to mess with them; they look powerful and mean! They watched us intently and started to approach as we walked down the path but fortunately there was a wall between us and them. Apparently over 200 people a year are killed by African buffalo, which is probably more than by lions or crocodiles. They have never been domesticated. That kinda begs the question – “WTF are they doing in a field above Hebden Bridge!” I don't intend to find out how friendly or unfriendly they are close up… 😯

Burlees Wood looks worthy of further exploration but today we just followed the footpath along its lower edge and then walked down a farm-track to the Rochdale canal at Mytholmroyd.

A 20 minute stroll along the towpath brought us back into Hebden Bridge, where we had the startlingly original idea of going to Innovation for coffee. Actually we did (for once) innovate at Innovation. They had some ultra-tempting Millionaire's Shortbread on display (shortbread base, toffee filling, chocolate topping – yum!) so we bought one piece of that and one toasted currant teacake and shared them.

(*** Dodd Naze is a small housing estate on a hillside about 100 m (330 ft) above Hebden Bridge town centre.)

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