Walk – Mytholmroyd and Back

I wanted to get out for a while but didn’t fancy anything too strenuous so I did a brisk walk to Mytholmroyd along the Calder Valley Cycleway this afternoon. I came back via the unmade road up towards the cobbled climb to Old Chamber, and then dropped back down behind Hebden Bridge station and walked through Calder Holmes park. There were some fine-looking geese on the canal towpath next to the path in the park so I stopped to take some photos of them. I was just fiddling with my camera when one of the cheeky blighters stuck his head through the railings and tried to eat the camera! 😉

Goose attack!

I got on the towpath beyond the geese and strolled round to the Co-op (supermarket) to do some shopping.

I’d turned what would have been a mere five minute walk into one lasting an hour or so. It’s amazing what just doing a few walks a week can do for one’s health and sense of well-being. Mind you – I’m very lucky living where I do. I never used to extend my shopping trips as a student when I lived in the centre of Manchester!

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2 Responses to “Walk – Mytholmroyd and Back”

  1. No I can’t imagine extending the walks round the back streets of manchester is quite the same. Still I don’t think it’s luck you live where you do but some amount of choice. It annoys me when people tell me I’m lucky living where I do as they hills are on my doorstep – we chose to move out here from the centre of manchester, just like I chose not to go to london when I graduated.

  2. You’re right of course! I had been visiting friends in Haworth and Hebden Bridge before I went to University and I really liked it up here. I only applied to universities in Manchester, knowing that it would be easy to hop on the train and pop over to visit them. Once I graduated, I knew that I had to get out of Manchester and I couldn’t stand the thought of returning to the midlands so I decided to move to Hebden Bridge and then applied for jobs that I could get to from here. [To any Mancunians or midlanders reading this – sorry, I just don’t enjoy city life!]

    At the time. I was able to buy my house for £26k so it wasn’t exactly an expensive move. Commuting to Manchester, Leeds, Halifax, Bradford, Huddersfield, Rochdale, Preston and Burnley is relatively easy.

    The trouble is – the word got around! We eventually got the stupid house price boom here too. It’s a crazy world when 2-bedroom terraced houses with no gardens in a little Yorkshire town were being sold for about £150k. The bubble had to burst eventually.

    As I mentioned in the blog – I visit my widowed mum about 6 or 7 times a year in Coventry and I am always amazed that people choose to stay there! At one time at least it was a boom town with plentiful jobs in the motor industry, but that was changing over 20 years ago. Just listen to The Specials’ Ghost Town and you’ll see what I mean.

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