Walk – Mytholmroyd and Back

Lisa and I did a repeat of last Saturday’s walk to the shops in Mytholmroyd (about a 3 mile round trip).

There were quite a few people strolling along the canal towpath today. I didn’t bother taking any photographs because the light conditions weren’t really very good. It had been a lovely sunny morning but by the time we set off it had clouded over.

Walking back along the Calder Valley Cycleway, I got annoyed when we were buzzed by a couple of lads on motocross bikes. They aren’t supposed to ride there but okay, I could put up with one rider who was just jumping over obstacles on the waste ground that used to be the car park for the Walkleys Clogs factory. The other rider, however, shot off down the cycleway turned round at the far end and accelerated back towards us, clearly expecting us to jump out of his way. I refused to be intimidated, looked straight at him and carried on walking as he shot towards us. He swerved round me at the last minute and I made eye contact with him as he passed, gave him my black-look-of-death and mouthed my opinion of him!

One day I’ll probably lose one of those games of ‘chicken’ and this blog will mysteriously stop being updated, only to disappear off the internet later when my hosting plan ran out. Perhaps I should write a will with instructions to post one final message here should anything happen to me?

Go take a look at Ken Kifer’s Bike Pages and read the sad note at the top of the page.

If you’ve stumbled into this website for the first time, you might be surprised to learn that Ken has died and yet his website still exists. This is a testament to its importance and to how much Ken meant to people.

Ken was my best friend. I miss him every day. Taking care of his website is something I had to do for him.

He was such a good person.

Riin Gill

Hey, hey, hey – let’s be careful out there!

PS I’m not trying to say that my blog/website is important. At the moment it is doing me more good than anybody else, and it isn’t much more than a list of my walks and bike rides. I hope that I get inspired as time passes so I can create something which has some lasting value. At the moment, I’m finding that I’m motivated to work on losing weight and improving my fitness by posting here and that will do for now.

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