Walk – Jumble Hole Clough

Well, I was still feeling ill but I'd been stuck indoors too much this past week so I was determined to get out for a while. It has been my least active week so far this year – that due to a combination of the mysterious ‘lurgy' that I've picked up, but also due to not taking advantage of the breaks in the wet and windy weather we've had recently.

Lisa and I decided to do our Jumble Hole Clough walk again.

The sun was shining today and we wanted to make the most of it because more wet and windy weather is blowing in tomorrow.

I felt fine walking along the Rochdale canal towpath in the sunshine. This, however, lulled me into a false sense of security…

As usual, we crossed the A646 at Callis Bridge and followed the Pennine Bridleway up through the woods. When we got to the steepish rocky bit, I decided to ‘power-walk' up it to get the old cardio-vascular system working again. That turned out to be a big mistake! I felt okay until I got to the point where our footpath bears left away from the bridleway. I then became aware that my heart was doing about 180 bpm and I felt like I was going to throw up at any moment. Okay, lesson learned – that was enough heroics for one day. I took it very easy after that…

We got to our favourite little clearing on the hillside and stopped there to sunbathe a while. It is a really quiet, scenic suntrap that spot. I've taken a few pictures from there on our previous walks. Here's one of the path as it curls back up towards the bridleway.

Footpath up to blue sky
Footpath up to blue sky

We must have stopped there for at least 30 minutes, but time was getting on. It was time to continue the walk if we were to get back to ‘Innovation' in Hebden Bridge in time for our coffees and toasted currant teacake. (The cafe closes at 17:00 and it was 15:45 already.)

We crossed the Pennine Bridleway and took another bridleway past Lower Rawtonstall and Green House on the way down to the road which drops steeply down through Mytholm to the A646.

I took a few more photographs across the Calder Valley towards Horsehold. The A646 is tucked away, out of sight in the valley below.

Horsehold from Lower Rawtonstall
Horsehold from Lower Rawtonstall

Horsehold from Green House
Horsehold from Green House

After a quick tour round the shops in Hebden Bridge, we got to Innovation in time for our cafe stop.

It had been a really nice walk in the sun and I'm not really capable of anything more vigorous than that at the moment.

I was supposed to be doing a century road ride (100 miles) tomorrow. I'd already postponed it because of the foul weather forecast, but I wouldn't have been able to do it anyway feeling like this. I mustn't complain though – I've been remarkably well the past few years. I know people who catch 4 or 5 colds a year!

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2 Responses to “Walk – Jumble Hole Clough”

  1. I think I had the delights of pushing up that last bridleway when my lovely Sat Nav took me up it for ‘fun’.
    I had deviated from my route to follow the Pennine bridleway down from Gorple Resivoir to the A646. Upon entering Hebden bridge the sat nav took me up that hill to re-join the route 68 cycle route which then comes all the way back down the same hill into Hebdn bridge.

    I went up Church lane, up a cobbled road, passed a few brick chinneys then an almighty push up to what I think is Widdop Road.

  2. Hmm, I’m slightly confused by what you did there…

    It sounds as though you went up Colden Clough (a.k.a. Ragley Woods) and turned right up Lumb Bank, coming out on the road from Heptonstall near Slack. Widdop Road comes out at the other end of Slack, nearer to Jack Bridge. Yeah, that’s quite a climb. Either that, or you carried on all the way up and came out by the New Delight.

    There are so many steep little bridleways round here that it is very easy to get mixed up between them. I’ve ridden and walked them extensively so I know my way around pretty well. My walking partner Lisa still gets confused by some of them even though she has lived round here for over 20 years!

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