Walk – Jumble Hole Clough

It was sunny again today – we are having a proper summer this year in the UK, after two really dreary, cold and wet ones! I had a feeling that we would since we had an old-fashioned cold winter this time round, and to my mind ‘proper' summers follow on naturally from ‘proper' winters. These things obey natural cycles.

I was stuck indoors at the PC all day, so I made sure to get out this evening for a couple of hours of fresh air and sunshine. Lisa and I decided to do our Jumble Hole Clough walk again.

We stopped in a nice spot for a little picnic and I took another picture of the houses below. I photographed these last time too, but from a different angle.

Lonely cottages
Lonely cottages

Flies were a bit of a nuisance at first, but soon a breeze picked up and that seemed to deter them.

Eventually, it was time to move on and we rejoined the Mary Towneley Loop bridleway for a short distance, before taking a diffeent one over to the foot of Rawtenstall Bank (Mytholm Steeps).

Some paraglider pilots were out at Stoodley Pike. It's a good place to launch from and there seemed to be plenty of thermals for them to work with. In another life (the one where I have a head for heights!) it's the kind of thing I'd like to try. In this one – no thanks! 😉

Stoodley Pike paragliders
Stoodley Pike paragliders

We descended past a cottage and Lisa amazed me by remaining perfectly calm when approached by a large dog – she normally freaks out, having been bitten by a German Shepherd dog when she was young. Turns out she did the same walk yesterday with a female friend, and they had encountered the same dog then and it was very friendly.

Soon we were back in town, and went our separate ways, refreshed by our little walk in the sunshine.

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