Walk – Heptonstall

It was another nice day but I didn’t want to do too much because I’m doing a long bike ride tomorrow (The Red Rose Ride) and I wanted to feel fresh for that. Lisa suggested a short walk so we decided to stroll up to Heptonstall.

We walked via Lee Wood to the bridleway going up to the village. On the way we rescued a mole which had somehow found its way onto a stretch of cobbled path! It looked really cute as it struggled to dig into the hard stone. Lisa took pity on it and placed it behind a nearby wall where it scuttled under some dried leaves and started digging again. Unfortunately, I’d left my camera at home so I don’t have pictures from today.

Heptonstall was looking good in the sunshine. We sat on a bench seat by the ruins of the old church and chatted for a while but then I started to feel a bit frazzled. I hadn’t put any sun protection on and needed to get out of the sunlight.

We went to have a look at Sylvia Plath’s grave in Heptonstall cemetery but the church gardener was burning weeds and using a strimmer so it wasn’t exactly relaxing in there and we quickly decided to move on.

Well what did we spot but a new cafe! We went in for coffee and – guess what? Yes, toasted currant teacake!

It didn’t take long to walk back down through the woods afterwards. Lisa insisted on searching for the mole but it was probably safely 2 feet underground by then!

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