Walk – Heptonstall, Hell Hole Rocks, Colden Clough

I'd arranged to meet Lisa for lunch in Heptonstall but the weather today was very changeable and 30 minutes before I was due to set off, a heavy downpour started. I sat down at my computer and got back to work, intending to send Lisa a text message cancelling our get-together. I worked for 10 or 15 minutes and then looked up at my Velux window and noticed that the rain had stopped and the sky was clearing. The walk was back on!

I was now running late, so a rapid power-walk up the hill ensued. I got there 5 minutes late and we went to the cafe for coffee and cake.

When we came out afterwards, we could see big patches of blue sky developing as the rain clouds blew off over the Pennines towards the Vale of York. Exactly as forecast, in fact.

It seemed a shame to waste this sudden improvement in conditions so we decided to return home by a much longer route than our usual quarry walk. We walked from Hell Hole Rocks (next to the quarry) up the footpath along the lip of the valley until we descended to the little stone bridge to cross to the far side of the valley and return down the bridleway to Mytholm. From there, down Church Lane and back along the canal towpath into town.

I didn't have my camera with me, but there are some photographs of the latter part of this route in this post from last year, when we did that part of the walk in the opposite direction.

The sun is still shining now. It really changes the way I feel, even when I'm just sat at the computer. I hope, one day, to have enough money that I could afford to take a last-minute summer holiday somewhere sunny if July lets us down the way it has here this year and the previous 3 summers. It hasn't been quite as bad this year as in 2007-2009 but we've still had about 50% more rain than average. The half-empty reservoirs needed it, but why can't it just rain at night!

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