Walk – Hardcastle Crags

Just a quick report today – I forgot to take my camera so there are no pictures, but I’ve done a similar walk a couple of times this year so you can look back at the older posts if you want to see what the scenery was like.

The weather was forecast to be changeable today. It has been windy for days which is why I haven’t been cycling. Today started off overcast, then we had a few sunny spells followed by rain.

I chose to do another walk to Hardcastle Crags with Lisa. We set off along the path beside Hebden Water, then climbed up to the left and along past the scout hostel before descending again and crossing the river at the stepping stones.

We continued along the woodland paths to Gibson Mill where we stopped for refreshments.

Afterwards, we walked back towards the National Trust car park and soon encountered a group of emergency services vehicles. It looked like someone had been taken ill or had fallen. I’ll check the papers over the next couple of days to find out what had happened.

At Midgehole I spotted bus driver and cycling pal AndyH at the wheel of the parked Hardcastle Crags bus. I stopped for a quick chat with him, then Lisa and I headed back towards the Hebden Water path. At that moment, the expected rain started. It wasn’t too bad but I’m glad that we didn’t get it on the outward leg of our walk.

We take our fitness for granted really. It is a 5.5 mile walk with a few little climbs on it but we hardly think anything of it, but we’ve seen people struggling with the much shorter stroll from the car park to Gibson Mill. In fact, I was once shouted at by an angry driver when I told him that he’d have to walk to the mill with his children. He seemed to think that 2 or 3 miles of walking was impossible for them!

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