Walk – Hardcastle Crags

The sun was shining and Lisa was free, didn't fancy a ride on the MTBs, but did fancy walking to the visitor centre at Gibson Mill. Time for another walk to Hardcastle Crags!

We strolled along the Hebden Water riverside walk to Salem and said hello to some nice pigs in the field next to the cricket pitch; they didn't reply…

This time, we decided to take the farm track zig-zagging up to the left through Hebden Wood.

Farm track in Hebden Wood
Farm track in Hebden Wood

We stopped to eat a few raspberries from bushes growing in the wood, then continued past the scout hostel and descended to the right and used the stepping stones to cross Hebden Water to the Crags.

Stepping stones, Hebden Water
Stepping stones, Hebden Water

We wandered on to the mill and got there with 20 minutes to spare before closing time. We had a mug of tea each and shared an Eccles cake and a piece of toffee cake.

We walked back along the access track to the car park at the entrance to the Crags, then along Midgehole Road and down the Keighley Road into town.

It was a nice walk, but I'm missing my cycling – I must make an effort to get out on my bike again soon!

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