Walk – Gibson Mill, Shackleton Knoll

Maisie and boyfriend Mal were up for a few days. The sun was shining and the local hills were looking lovely covered in snow so Lisa, Maisie, Mal and I decided to go for a walk. It started off as a stroll to Hardcastle Crags but we decided to extend the walk and make the most of the much-valued winter sunshine.

We did the usual riverside walk through Salem to Midgehole, then continued by the river through Hardcastle Crags to the cafe at Gibson Mill where we stopped for lunch.

When we set off again, we decided to continue up the access road through the woods to Walshaw, and then turned right up the bridleway over Shackleton Moor.

Sheep on Shackleton Moor
Sheep on Shackleton Moor

The air was cold but there was no wind so the conditions were very good for walking. It was just above freezing point so the snow and ice had melted just enough to give our boots some grip without everything turning to slush – lovely!

View over Walshaw to Widdop
View over Walshaw to Widdop

We skirted round Shackleton Knoll until we dropped back onto the bridleway leading down to the car park in the Crags. From there we walked up Midgehole Road to the Keighley Road and went back to Lisa's house for coffee and biscuits.

I checked the route later and discovered that we had walked 8 miles in total.

If every Yorkshire winter day was like that one, I wouldn't have the problem that I do with S.A.D.

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