Walk – Extended Jumble Hole Clough Route

Lisa wasn't working today and Maisie & Mal were up for the weekend so the four of us decided to go for a walk to make the most of today's sunshine. M&M wanted to walk up Jumble Hole Clough but since Lisa and I go up there fairly frequently, we decided to modify the second half of our route and explore the upper part of the valley instead.

First things first…

We set off along the canal towpath in the direction of Todmorden as usual and were making good progress when our walk was almost brought to a premature end by a vicious attack sheep standing guard by the Alternative Energy Centre!

Attack sheep
Attack sheep

Maisie distracted it while the rest of us ran off screaming in terror. She rejoined us soon afterwards, nonchalantly telling us that it took more than a fake sheep to scare her!

We continued along the towpath, then took our usual path up to our scenic picnic spot. A stop there for sandwiches and drinks was somewhat marred by the presence of hundreds of attentive flies, seemingly more hungry than us and determined to have their day in the sun.

Normally, we turn right above the clearing but today we continued along the footpath towards the upper valley.

Higher Jumble Hole Clough
Footpath up Jumble Hole Clough

I noted with approval that Maisie was wearing ‘sensible footwear' this time. On a walk last year, she wore shoes more appropriate to a dance floor than a trek over the hills and her feet paid the price!

Women's Hiking Boots, modelled by Maisie
Women's Hiking Boots, modelled by Maisie

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It has been a really long time since I walked up the top part of Jumble Hole Clough and I'd forgotten how nice it is up there. The path meanders about, crossing the stream a couple of times and climbing up and down both sides of the valley.

We came across the ruins of an old mill up there. It's amazing how many mills there used to be in this area – I'm sure that I read that there were 500 mills in the upper Calder Valley about a century ago!

Mill ruins, Jumble Hole Clough
Mill ruins, Jumble Hole Clough

At the top of Jumble Hole Clough, we were presented with several alternative paths and decided to follow one back across the fields to meet up with the Pennine Bridleway. We walked up the bridleway to Badger Lane, Blackshaw Head, crossed the road and continued over the top of the hill and down into Colden Clough.

Again, we were spoilt for choice. The weather was still being kind to us so we didn't want to go back home by the shortest route and opted to follow the Calderdale way towards Heptonstall where we would call in at the cafe for refreshments.

I took a few more pictures on the way, including these…

Rowan tree, Calderdale Way
Rowan tree, Calderdale Way

Heather by footpath
Heather by the footpath

We had our coffee stop in Heptonstall, then returned to Hebden Bridge via Heptonstall Road and The Buttress. The total length of today's walk was about 6.3 miles (10 km) with 1,200 ft of ascent (370 m). Great stuff!

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