Walk – Colden Clough Via Heptonstall

It was a nice day down in the valley so I decided to go for a walk with my friend Lisa and her daughter Maisie (my stepdaughter) who has come up to visit us this week.

Our route took us up The Buttress, a steep cobbled path out of Hebden Bridge towards the hilltop village of Heptonstall. When we arrived at Lee Wood Road above, we turned right and walked along to where a bridleway crosses it diagonally. The bridleway goes downhill to The Blue Pig pub near the entrance to the local beauty spot of Hardcastle Crags. Today, we went up the bridleway to Heptonstall from the other side of the road.

We called in at the village shop to buy something to eat and then walked up through the village until we came to a footpath crossing fields to our left. That footpath continues to the top of Colden Clough, one of our favourite local wooded valleys and one I've mentioned before in this blog.

There was a strong cold wind blowing ‘on the tops' and we hastened along the muddy footpath to reach the shelter of the woods.

Muddy footpath

For a change, we decided to descend through the woods on the eastern side of the valley. It was much warmer out of the wind.

Colden Clough

Many years ago there were big textile mills in these valleys, using the rivers to power their waterwheels. Most of the mills were demolished years ago but in many places the chimneys remain to remind us of the industrial heritage of the area.

Colden Clough mill chimney

We came across a rather attractive frog sunning itself on a stone step. The womenfolk insisted on taking a picture of it…

Pretty frog

After a quick visit to the local shops, we adjourned to ‘Innovation' in Hebden Bridge for our usual buttered toasted currant teacakes and coffees.

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