Walk – Callis Wood, Weasal Hall

I got back from Towcester in time to see my stepdaughter Maisie who is back up in Hebden Bridge for a few days. We wanted to get at least one decent walk in while she was here but the weather wasn't particularly good today – there was 100% cloud cover so the light wasn't great, it was cool and breezy and there was the threat of rain. In fact it was one of those days when it is quite tempting to stay at home, but you know that you'd regret it later when it didn't rain after all so we got our walking boots on and headed for the hills…

It wasn't nice enough to do a really long walk so we settled for one of our favourites – a nice slow warm-up along the Rochdale canal towpath to Callis Bridge and then up through the woods following the Pennine Bridleway to Kilnshaw Lane. From there, down to Old Chamber and then the meandering farm track descending past Weasal Hall to Horsehold Road and down that into town.

Pennine Bridleway (Mary Towneley Loop) - Callis Wood to Kilnshaw Lane
Pennine Bridleway (Mary Towneley Loop) – Callis Wood to Kilnshaw Lane

You can see that it was pretty murky out there today. Not really very summer-like at all…

Heptonstall from Kilnshaw Lane
Heptonstall from Kilnshaw Lane

More like what we'd expect in autumn or late winter in fact… 😕

We cut a little section of bridleway out to take the footpath up to Kilnshaw Lane. Now Lisa and Maisie are nervous of dogs, as you can see in the next photograph. Their hearing is better than mine and they had heard one yapping somewhere in a neighbouring county. While I was taking the following picture of Kilnshaw Farm, they were debating whether or not a 6 mile detour was called for to avoid a potential Close Encounter of the Canine Kind. The trouble with doing that is that one inevitably encounters an even bigger dog on the detour… 😉

Kilnshaw Farm, Kilnshaw Lane
Kilnshaw Farm, Kilnshaw Lane

Phew – as it turned out, we didn't get attacked, or even properly worried by vicious dogs. What dogs we did encounter seemed more frightened of us, than we were of them.

We got back into town in time to do the usual post-walk raid on Innovation‘s coffee, cake and toasted currant bun supplies.

Definitely better than staying in doors expecting rain that never falls!

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