Walk – Callis Wood, Weasal Hall

I did the Callis Wood – Weasal Hall walk with Lisa today. It was pretty overcast and I've taken plenty of pictures of that walk this year so I didn't bother taking my camera.

It was a nice walk, though conditions were very humid. Nothing much else to report really except…

  1. My legs were feeling slightly stiff after yesterday's ‘Barlick Bash'; much better than yesterday evening though, so I suppose I'm recovering well.
  2. We encountered a crusty near the little bridge at the top of Callis Wood. He seemed to be intent on drinking himself to oblivion (he didn't respond to our greeting but just continued to drink from one of several large bottles of booze that he had with him.) I hope he's not still out there because it has been pouring with rain this evening… 🙁
  3. No cafe stop today. We both need to watch our spending and our calorie intakes so I think that visits to Innovation will be a rare treat in future.
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