Walk – Callis Wood to Horsehold

Lisa and I decided to do the Callis Wood walk again. It’s a good one to do when (like today) we only have about 90 minutes free. We were late setting off and we wanted to catch the Co-op supermarket on the way back before it shut at 17:00

The sun was shining, conditions were mild and there wasn’t too much wind. Even the towpath geese were behaving themselves. They usually peck at us as we pass but today they were busy on the opposite side of the Rochdale canal.

Distant geese

There are a couple of footpaths through the lower part of the woods on that side of the canal. It has been a while since we walked that way so perhaps we will do that later in the year. It’s probably still a bit muddy over there after all the rain we’ve had over the past few weeks.

Callis Wood

Eventually we reached Callis Bridge and crossed the canal and began our winding ascent through Callis Wood on the Pennine bridleway.

I stopped to take a picture of a little bridge that we have to cross higher up.

Bridge in Callis Wood

The bridleway splits just after the bridge. The Pennine bridleway goes up to the right and the other bridleway skirts the top of the woods over to Horsehold. We didn’t have time for any detour today. It was straight on, and down Horsehold Road to the Co-op. Once again, my right knee was troubling me going down the steep road. It seems to happen every time I walk down steep hills these days. I must be getting old! 😉

The Co-op had some bags of tasty-looking mixed salad for just £1 so I bought one of those to put towards my evening meal. I also bought a packet of ground organic flax seeds since the last packet has almost run out. I can’t tell whether the flax is doing me any good, but all the articles I’ve read about it say that it is a really good addition to a healthy diet.

No cafe stop for us today. It was a bit late when we got back into town and we are both hard up. We settled for tea and oatcakes back at Lisa’s house.

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