Walk – Callis Wood to Horsehold

Lisa rang and suggested a quick walk. We decided to do Callis Wood – Horsehold, one of our favourite shorter local walks.

It was another sunny day, though distant clouds threatened showers. There were a few spots of rain, but there was a strong wind blowing which blew the clouds away before they could drop much on us.

I didn’t take my camera today, but you can see photographs taken on an earlier walk on the post linked to above.

When we got back into town, I called in at Hebden Bridge’s bike shop Blazing Saddles to pick up a new 22-tooth chainring, a pair of jockey wheels and a spare MTB tube. I’m sorting out my Rock Lobster ready for a MTB weekend with some mates in June. (My Rock Lobster is 8 years old now, but it is similar in spec. to that current model).

Lisa and I had our usual cafe stop at ‘Innovation’ mill and when we came out we spotted the ‘Hebden Bridge heron’ standing on the little island in the river beside the mill. It was peering down into the water and we in turn stood on the bridge above, peering down at it. We had a discussion about whether there were actually any fish in the river – I certainly haven’t spotted any for years. Anyway, when I got home I came online to see what I could find out. I found a discussion on a local website mentioning a fisherman catching a large trout in the river a few weeks back, so that answers that question. As to whether the heron catches any fish – apparently it has been harvesting the local ducklings instead! I don’t know why a heron eating fish seems okay, but fluffy-duckling-scoffing seems wrong? I’m just getting sentimental – it’s nature in the raw. I was pointing out the cute little ducklings the last time we went to the cafe, and I’d wondered where they’d all gone… 😕

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