Walk – Callis Wood, Kilnshaw Lane, Weasal Hall

I went for a hilly stroll in the sunshine with my pal Lisa instead of cycling today.

We set off to do our usual Callis Wood – Horsehold walk, but decided to extend it a little since conditions were so pleasant.

We took the Pennine bridleway up to Kilnshaw Lane. I noticed that the bridleway has been partially resurfaced which should make it a lot better to use after a period of rain. Before, it was often a muddy quagmire which was unpleasant for walkers and mountain bikers. I don’t suppose horse-riders are too bothered about mud though.

Resurfaced Pennine Bridleway

(The photograph was taken looking back the way we’d come.)

Spring lambs were out in force…

Spring lambs

Towards Kilnshaw Lane

It was a toss-up between returning to town via Weasal Hall or Old Chamber – we chose Weasal Hall.

A quick visit to the shops was followed by a slow visit to the cafe at ‘Innovation’. We had a coffee each, and shared a buttered toasted currant teacake. We almost gave way to temptation to stay for ‘seconds’ but managed to resist and head for home.

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