Today’s Weight Loss Workout

It was pretty cold and dreary here in West Yorkshire today so I didn’t really fancy going out on my bike. It wasn’t even very nice for walking so I decided to stay in and work on this website. I’ll do a short but intensive workout on my exercise bike later on. I still have plenty of cycling fitness from last year so I can handle a reasonably hard session.

I like to do a decent warm-up. I find as I get older, my body needs more time to really get working so I’ll pedal easily for about 5 minutes, and then ramp up the effort over another 5 minutes. After that, I’ll spend 30 minutes alternating between very hard efforts and very easy efforts (roughly 2 minutes hard, and 1 minute easy recovery). I’ll ‘warm down’ for a final 5 minutes, making a useful 45 minutes total.

I used to do ridiculously long exercise bike sessions a few winters back – anything up to 2.5 hours! I did get very fit, but it was time-consuming and boring. I like to do long rides in the countryside, but long indoor rides are plain bad for the brain! Listening to music helps, but staring at the wall isn’t much fun.

Okay, I’m off downstairs to make a nice salad which is destined for the fridge until after my workout and post-workout soak. I find it’s better to prepare the food first, because otherwise I’m sometimes tempted to avoid the kitchen and just nip out for something less wholesome (‘fish-and-chips’ for example!).

I’ll edit this post later to let you know how the session went.

[By the way – I began my New Year the way I plan to carry on – with a similar 45 minute exercise bike workout on January 1st. The blog wasn’t started then so I’m mentioning it here to set the record straight]


Phew, that was hard work! I did my warm-up, and then started on the harder efforts. It was obvious early on that I couldn’t keep it going for 30 minutes so I did 2 minutes hard, 1 minute easy three times. Then I did 15 minutes at a moderately hard level, followed by 45 seconds hard, 45 seconds easy four times, and then warmed-down until I’d done my total of 45 minutes.

If you are beginning your own exercise routine, I wouldn’t recommend that you exercise hard until you’ve built up a pretty good level of fitness and that takes time and steady effort. I may be overweight, but I do have 20 years of cycling endurance and experience so I know my body well. I know when I can push it, and when I should back off. I’m not going to do consecutive days like this either. I’m aiming to do about 3 or 4 cardio-sessions a week through to the spring. If the weather improves, I’ll go out on my bike and do rides of a couple of hours or so at an easier level.

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