The scales must go!

Those damn bathroom scales must go! I’ve discovered that they are not only inaccurate, more importantly – they are also inconsistent! I weighed myself this morning and they indicated 14 st 12 lbs. I went and peed out about a pint or so and then reweighed myself. Apparently losing a pint of urine had increased my weight by a pound! I got off and then immediately reweighed myself – 14 st 10 lbs. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! 👿

I’m going to be getting a new set of scales for my birthday. Actually, I’m getting them ASAP even though my birthday isn’t until later in the month – I can’t start my second New Year weight loss campaign not trusting my weight readings.

I have a horrible feeling the new scales will confirm the bad news that I saw on 3 sets of scales in Coventry last week – that I’ve put on more weight than I thought I had.

Oh well, even if the worst readings I’ve seen recently are correct, that means that I’m still about 12 pounds down on this time last year. I managed to lose about 10 pounds in 6 weeks in early 2009 so I’ll be aiming to achieve at least that again, but without the subsequent slump this time.

Time for action!

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4 Responses to “The scales must go!”

  1. Hi, love reading about your walks around Tod & Hebden – keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks. Now I must pop over to check out your blog! 😉

  3. You can loose a Lb or two by moving most scales from a tiled floor to carpet.

  4. I could see why that was if the pile of the carpet was stopping some part of the scales moving properly but many scales just work off strain gauges and there isn’t much movement to be blocked. Anyway, mine are always used on thin carpet so that doesn’t explain the variations.

    I spent about 30 minutes looking at user reviews of scales last night and loads of people were complaining about inconsistent readings and lack of accuracy. I’ve come to the conclusion that a new set of scales wouldn’t necessarily be any better than the ones I’ve got so there doesn’t seem much point in spending money on new ones. I’ll stick to my trick of ignoring individual daily readings and calculating an average for a week’s worth. Any random variations should be averaged out.

    I shouldn’t be blaming the scales – it’s my fault that I’ve been eating and drinking too much and not getting enough exercise! 😳

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