Strolls and Singlespeed Rides – Another Coventry Trip

I’ve been away for another family visit – this one to celebrate my mum’s 86th birthday. Japanese women have the longest life expectancy in the world, but the old Scot has now matched them and with luck she has a few good years left in her yet – Happy Birthday Mum!

So, here’s a summary of what exercise I had over the past week…

Thursday, 24th June – a stroll to Hebden Bridge station, a wander round the Bull Ring in Birmingham, then a walk from Coventry station to my sister’s house, all with a heavy rucksack on my back.

Friday, 25th June – the ‘long way round’ to visit my mum via Corley Moor – 10 mile singlespeed ride with a few little hills. Afterwards, a 10 minute ride back to my sister’s house. A brisk 10 minute stroll to visit a friend, and another home again.

Saturday, 26th June – a repeat of Friday’s activity, plus a stroll with my pal to buy takeaway curries.

Sunday, 27th June – ‘long way round’ to visit ma – about 10 miles. (Stopped overnight)

Monday, 28th June – 10 minute ride back to my sister’s house.

Tuesday, 29th June – it was raining in Coventry so I caught a bus to the station, but when I got back I did a brisk walk home from Hebden Bridge station with my trusty rucksack.

As I said about the last visit to Coventry – I only get a few short, scenic singlespeed bike rides and brisk strolls in, but they are enough to keep the old muscles and cardio-vascular system ticking over while I am away.

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