Strolls #7 & #8

Despite a poor forecast from a couple of days ago, today hasn’t been too bad so far. It’s been windy, but overcast conditions gave way to sunshine a few times, and it hasn’t rained.

My pals had packed up at their B&B and wanted to go for a quick stroll before leaving to drive home. I met them in the centre of Hebden Bridge and we walked along the canal towpath towards Todmorden, left it by the Co-op and walked up the first part of Horsehold Road, then turned left and climbed up past Weasal Hall to Old Chamber. We descended back to behind the railway station, rejoined the towpath and walked back into town. We then went and sat outside a cafe in St. George’s square for a while and chatted while we sipped our teas and coffees.

Soon it was time for the lads to be on their way so I came home and started working on the blog.

Then I got a call from Lisa. She was about to leave her mother’s house in Dodd Naze (a small housing estate on a hill above Hebden Bridge) and did I fancy walking up to meet her? Why not…

I got my walking boots back on and headed up the Keighley Road, then turned left for Midgehole. I’d just got to the end of the bridleway that I walked up with Lisa last week when she emerged from the woods. We turned round and walked back into town and called at ‘Innovation’ for coffees and treats.

After that, a quick walk round the shops and then I came home to the computer again.

Both strolls were 3 miles in length with 500 feet of ascent (4.8 km, 150 m), making a total of 6 miles with 1,000 ft of ascent (9.6 km, 300 m). Not bad for a quiet ‘recovery’ day.

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