Stroll Up The Buttress

It was a nice sunny day and I was going to walk up to Heptonstall with Lisa to have lunch in the cafe there. As soon as we set off, we realised that neither of us had enough money on us and there is no ATM in the village, so we went to one in Hebden Bridge centre first.

After that distraction. instead of our planned stroll through the woods, we decided to walk up The Butress instead. Every time I walk up there I think about it being part of the Pennine Cycleway (NCN 68). One day when I'm really fit again, I'll try and ride up it on my Basso. I think I could manage all of it except for the first really steep section. I think the only way to get up that on a road bike would be to attack it really hard but I'd be scared of falling off onto the cobbles. Perhaps it would make more sense to try to do it on my MTB first?

A reminder of what it looks like …

The Buttress, Hebden Bridge
The Buttress, Hebden Bridge

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