Stroll – Rochdale Canal

I went for a very easy stroll with Lisa this afternoon, We only went about 1.5 miles along the Rochdale canal towpath towards Todmorden and then turned for home. The object of the exercise was for Lisa to try out the Olympus camera that I gave her for Christmas (my old one). To be honest, in many ways it is better than the little Fujifilm camera that I now use but it was just too big to carry on bike rides and longer walks. Lisa sent me a few of her pictures this evening and even though the pixel count is only about 1/3 what I have on my new camera, the Olympus is much better at handling bright and dark in the same picture. I really must study the Fuji manual to see if I can improve the results that I’m getting because the auto setting often gets the exposures completely wrong.

I’ve picked just one of Lisa’s pictures, of the goslings of some Canada Geese. Altogether now – aren’t they cute!

Canada Geese goslings
Canada Geese goslings

Lisa didn’t frame the picture very well but I’ll have to forgive her for that because she was under attack by a worried parent goose at the time! 😉

I double-checked that they were Canada Geese. We noticed that the male and female were almost identical, just a 10% size difference. Apparently the honks are different too, but they were doing more hissing than honking! The colour of the goslings was very striking, quite different to the colour of the adult geese.

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2 Responses to “Stroll – Rochdale Canal”

  1. They are so cute!

  2. It didn’t take long for someone to bite!

    (They were actually! :wink:)

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