Stroll – Picnic at Hardcastle Crags

My older sister and brother-in-law are up for a long weekend. The sun was shining today and they fancied a little exploratory stroll so we headed for Hardcastle Crags via the Salem riverside walk. We didn’t go far into the Crags since as city dwellers they are not really into doing long walks.

We sat in the sunshine in the picnic area near the entrance and ate our sandwiches and drank some orange juice. It was nice relaxing somewhere quiet.

After 30 minutes or so we were starting to cook and decided to adjourn to the nearby Blue Pig working men’s club. If you don’t know it, I’d suggest that it is a good place to go for a drink on a sunny summer evening. The drinks are very cheap and it is in a lovely spot. You could combine it with a walk in the Crags. Why not walk there from Hebden Bridge centre along the riverside walk, explore the Crags for a while, then spend the evening in the club? If you don’t fancy walking back afterwards, a taxi back to town wouldn’t cost much.

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