Stroll – Old Chamber, Crow Nest Wood

Another sunny day, which I spent most of staring at a computer screen at home. Finally, I could bear it no longer. I had a small package to post (some SPD clip-on pedal platforms that I was donating to a fellow CycleChat forum member) so I decided to extend my trip to the post office and walk up the hill behind to take some photographs in the sunshine – a rare solo walk.

I walked along the towpath, then up the first part of Horsehold Road…

Mytholm, Hebden Bridge
Mytholm, Hebden Bridge from Horsehold Road

… took a left towards Weasal Hall, then up through the woods to Old Chamber. I've watched the derelict farm buildings being renovated over the last 20 years or so of walking up there. There are some fine homes there now with superb views down over Hebden Bridge and the tree-covered valley slopes. Nice if you can afford it!

I still had lots to do so I chose to head for home, down the steep cobbled lane (the photo doesn't really show how steep it is!)…

Cobbled lane, Hebden Bridge
Cobbled lane, Hebden Bridge

… along the bridleway down through Crow Nest Wood to Fairfield and back over the canal to the town centre. A quick trip to the shops, and then back to the computer.

It was only a 1 hour break but it made a big difference to my sense of well-being. It seems as though I've lost my ‘cycling mojo' for the time being (having a sore leg doesn't help with that!) so the least I can do is to get my new walking shoes on and roam about on foot.

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