Stroll – Not The Duck Race!

Hebden Bridge was heaving with people today, it being Easter Monday and the weather not being too bad. Lisa and I decided to get away from the noisy crowds for a while so we strolled along the canal towpath to Mytholmroyd. It meant us missing the traditional Easter Duck Race, but c'est la vie! (Don't worry – they don't use real ducks. The organisers sell numbered tickets for charity. At the appointed time they tip a load of numbered plastic ducks into the river from one bridge and capture them again in a big net below the next bridge downstream. Whoever has the ticket bearing the number of the first duck out of the net wins!)

We had a light lunch in Mytholmroyd, which consisted of sharing an egg-and-cress sandwich with extra salt-and-vinegar crisps filling. We then strolled back to town on the cycleway.

We took one look at the throng surrounding Innovation and decided to forego coffee and instead bought a chocolate swiss roll and took it back to Lisa's house to have with a pot of tea.

Gentle exercise and a total disregard for healthy eating – can't be bad! 😉

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