Stroll – Mytholmroyd and Back

The weather was okay today – not too cold and we even had some sunshine. I decided to go for a little stroll with Lisa. Just one of the usual short ones – to Mytholmroyd along the Calder Valley Cycleway and back via Nest Estate and Crow Nest Wood.

We both need new walking boots but can't afford them. Lisa is getting a sore heel when she wears hers; my boots leak in the wet though they are fine in dry conditions.

It was nice to be out for a 90 minute stroll, and we treated ourselves to coffees and toasted currant teacakes at Innovation when we got back to Hebden Bridge.

Completely on a whim, I decided to call in at the Musician's Centre in the new block of buildings by Hebden Water. Only just in time it turned out, because the shop's lease is up in the next couple of weeks and the owners have decided to move out and focus their business in Keighley and Bradford. It's a pity because they are helpful people and it was the kind of nice little specialised shop we need here. Oh well…

I bought myself a guitar stand and a set of strings with some of the money I got for my birthday last week (54 – yikes! :shock:). I have a Tanglewood acoustic guitar which already had a stand, but I also have a Yamaha classical guitar which didn't.

I didn't like having the Yamaha just leaning against the wall waiting to get knocked over. The shop didn't have a new boxed stand so they sgave me £1 off one in perfect condition which had been displaying a guitar near the window. I was also given some very fine-grade sandpaper which I'm going to use to file down the Yamaha's bridge (it's a replacement for the original bridge which was lost by somebody I lent the guitar to!) The action is currently far too high.

I'm not a very good guitarist but even at my advanced age I haven't given up hope of getting stuck in and learning!

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