Stroll – Lee Wood, Heptonstall

I did another quick stroll up to Heptonstall with Lisa today. This time we walked up the very steep Moss Lane and turned right at the top and followed the footpath-through-the-garden (literally just that – it must be very odd to have strangers wandering across your land, but that is what comes of buying a house with a right-of-way through the garden!)

After that we walked through Lee Wood until we came to the bridleway going up to the village which we then followed. Lisa had time to kill before work so we bought takeaway coffees and sat on a bench chatting for a while.

It wasn’t actually very warm today. We’d felt okay walking up the hill but as soon as we sat down, the wind started to make conditions feel a bit chilly.

Hey, guess what? I’ll tell you because you won’t guess… The clocks go forward tonight to mark the start of British Summer Time and yet snow is forecast in a couple of days time! I thought that we were finally into spring but that damn winter keeps coming back to haunt us – aaargh! 😕

(Holy distraction, Batman – I completely forgot to finish this post before publishing it!)


I left Lisa in the village and headed back down Heptonstall Road towards the top of The Buttress. There is a project that I’ve been thinking about (more details another time) for which I need video clips of the ascent and descent of the steep cobbled path, so I took out my camera, set it running in movie mode and jogged down into town.

There seems to be a problem with my camera and the AVI files that it produces. The sound and picture are always out of sync, the sound being several seconds ahead of the picture. I will have to find some video editor software to sort the problem out. In an ideal world I’d buy a decent camcorder which didn’t have this problem (preferably one which stores the video files on memory cards like my Fuji stills camera, but with the option of recording HD widescreen movies). Unfortunately my current financial situation won’t permit that.

Anyway, it was a nice little stroll and one which had unforeseen consequences; read about those in the report of my next bike ride!

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