Stroll – Heptonstall Quarry

After yesterday's grey drizzly day, I woke up today to beautiful blue skies!

There was lots to do today, but I couldn't resist going out for an hour for a quick stroll. I decided to walk up to Heptonstall and return to town via Heptonstall Quarry.

I headed off up Moss Lane – it's about 20% most of the way up, but then it gets steeper at the top! My legs were screaming at me, something about cycling up 20% hills in Wharfedale yesterday, I think…

There is a short stretch of cobbled path up through the woods just above Moss Lane and I decided to take that path as a shortcut to miss out a couple of stretches of road.

Cobbled shortcut
Cobbled shortcut

I took that picture and then continued up the path, staring down at the cobbles and muttering to myself that I'm getting too old for this malarkey and ooh, didn't my legs ache from yesterday, when suddenly – BANG – I'd only gone and walked straight into a fallen tree overhanging the footpath!

Danger - low flying tree!
Danger – low flying tree!

I got a right thump on the head but fortunately it was a glancing blow and my woolly hat had slipped and softened the blow.

A concerned couple further up the path asked if I was okay. I smiled and replied “It's okay, I'm only walking like this because my legs are stiff from a bike ride that I did yesterday!” The woman looked at me as if I was very odd indeed and said “Er, no, it's actually your head that we were worried about!” Ho ho ho – did I feel stupid! 😳

My legs were starting to ease up now so I power-walked up to Heptonstall and round to Hell Hole rocks. I normally walk down below the quarry, but I decided to walk along the top for a change today.

A couple of climbers came up and tethered climbing ropes to some of the metal posts which have been hammered into the ground up there. It's silly of me, but I'd never realised why those posts were there before, despite knowing how popular the quarry rock face is with climbers.

Climbing is one of those activities that I can simultaneously see the appeal of while at the same time knowing that I will never want to do it. Heights do something very unpleasant to me, given half a chance. Still, I've got the fear under control to the point where I can actually stroll about within a few feet of big drops now – I just don't enjoy looking straight down into an abyss!

I found a little stretch of footpath down through the woods and ending up on the lower stretches of the Heptonstall Road.

After a few more minutes I was back in the town centre and discovered that the sunshine had brought out hundreds of tourists. I don't like crowds so I didn't hang about – I picked up a few things from the shops and headed home to get back to work.

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