Stroll – Heptonstall Quarry

It was a muggy day with rain forecast for later in the afternoon. I wanted to get a quick stroll in before the rain arrived, so I arranged to meet Lisa in Heptonstall.

My usual power-walk up the hill didn’t feel quite so powerful! I stopped the regular weight loss ‘progress reports’ a while back and that allowed me to creep back up to 15 stone 5 pounds (215 pounds, 97.5 kg) without feeling accountable for it. 😳

I can really feel the extra weight on me, and my walking trousers are starting to feel a bit too tight. Up until a couple of weeks ago they were quite loose and I needed a belt to keep them up. They almost stay up unaided now!

The heat and humidity had sweat pouring off me and my trouser legs were sticking to me as I walked – it was not a pleasant feeling!

Anyway, eventually I got to the meeting point. Lisa and I had coffees and shared a piece of lemon cake, then walked back into town via Heptonstall Quarry, and a little footpath back to The Buttress.

I can put up with being slightly overweight, that being the main reason that my weight loss progress stalled last year. The trouble is, it is hard to remain static. Once progress stops, it is very easy to go back the other way. It is what happens with all yo-yo dieters. My problem is more a case of not keeping up with my exercise regime. I always know exactly why I am gaining or losing weight, there is no mystery. It’s not the fault of my genes – it’s due to too much time in front of the computer or television set, and too many beers and chocolate bars. Must try harder!

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