Stroll – Heptonstall Again!

Just another of those short posts documenting any exercise I’ve had…

My pal Bill is back for his annual summer holiday in Hebden Bridge and turned up this morning. We sat around in the sunshine having a chat as he tried to sort out my Basso’s rear wheel but like me, he couldn’t undo the corroded nuts with my cheapo cone spanners. I might have to take the wheel to my local bike shop for servicing, but it’s money I can ill afford. Mind you, my body and spirit can’t afford the alternative – no road riding for the foreseeable future. I need at least one of my road bikes back in action ASAP…

And then Lisa sent me a text message asking if I’d like to meet her for a coffee in Heptonstall. Bill said he quite fancied a walk in the sunshine so we headed off up the hill together, met Lisa and bought takeaway drinks which we drank while sitting looking out over the ruins of the old church at Heptonstall.

After a while we all walked down the footpath through Heptonstall Quarry, and back into town.

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