Stroll – Heptonstall

I felt a bit yucky this morning but in a rare display of good taste, I'll spare you the unpleasant details… 😕

I felt somewhat delicate but wanted to get out of the house for a while so I decided to go and meet Lisa in Heptonstall and go to the cafe there for lunch. I didn't charge up the hill with quite my usual enthusiasm but it still felt like the walk did me some good.

After coffees and half a chip butty each, we headed back down the hill. We didn't bother extending the walk, instead opting to come straight back down the Heptonstall Road to go to the shops.

I split from Lisa and walked round to the market to do my weekly fruit ‘n veg shopping. Afterwards, I was crossing the road and noticed Lisa walking home on the pavement opposite (i.e. the ‘sidewalk', dear Americans!). There was a big white van parked just in front of her and she hadn't spotted me so I dashed over, lurking at the front of the van ready to pounce. I saw a foot appear round the side of the van so I leapt out and screamed AAAAAAAAAargghhhhhhhhhhh

…at a complete stranger escorting two young children about 3 yards in front of Lisa – how embarrassing! 😳

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