Stroll – Crow Nest Wood

Lisa and I both needed milk so we decided to go and buy some but first, we took in a little stroll on the way to the shops…

We wandered through Calder Holmes park and round past the railway station to the concrete road up through Crow Nest Wood. I thought we might go up to Old Chamber and come back round to the Co-op via Weasal Hall, but Lisa wasn’t feeling that energetic (it’s a stiff climb up cobbled Spencer Lane to Old Chamber).

Spencer Lane, Old Chamber
Not this evening, thanks!

From the cottages at the bottom of Spencer Lane, there’s a bridleway down through the woods to Fairfield and we decided to go back into town that way.

It was only a short stroll lasting about 30 minutes but that meant 38 minutes in total, rather than the mere 8 minutes it would have been if we’d gone straight to the shops and back. 30 minutes here, 30 minutes there – it all adds up.

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