Stroll – Colden Clough, Lumb Bank, Heptonstall

I’ve been feeling ill since I got back from Coventry. My mother had a bug while I was down there and it seems to have spread to the rest of my family. Lisa seems to have caught it too now so when we went for our Saturday stroll, she was struggling somewhat when we went uphill.

We walked along the canal towpath towards Todmorden, then crossed the A646 and headed off up Church Lane towards Colden Clough. Within yards, Lisa was conking out so I ended up pushing her up the hill! She said that it made a big difference which is not surprising since it felt like hard work to me…

We went partway up Colden Clough, then headed down to the right, zig-zagged up Lumb Bank, then walked across the fields to Heptonstall for lunch in the cafe.

I left Lisa up there and returned to town on Heptonstall Road and The Buttress.

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