Stroll – Colden Clough, Hell Hole Rocks

I've been stuck indoors for a week (apart from about 4 hours shopping and socialising). I really must get out more!

The main reason was that I had a chest infection so I felt pretty rough, but that shouldn't have stopped me going for a couple of short walks. I can feel myself slipping into sleepy autumn mode so I need to get my S.A.D. light box switched on before the Winter Blues really kick in.

Let's face it, I'm in a rut, I gotta get out of it, out of it, out of it…!

Sorry about that – I felt a punk moment coming on and have just spent about 2 hours on YouTube going through loads of my old faves – it's a real time killer that site!

Back to the point… So, today, it was another stroll up Colden Clough to Heptonstall with Lisa for lunch. We were just walking up Lumb Bank when we spotted 3 young Roe deer in long grass in the field opposite. Lisa got pretty excited about it. I've spotted deer in these parts only 3 or 4 times in 20+ years but I don't think she'd seen them before. They are timid and keep well hidden most of the time.

After the deer had scampered off, we continued up the bridleway and this time decided that we would walk to Heptonstall via the woods and Hell Hole Rocks. We enjoyed the spectacular green views for what might be the last time this year. The leaves are already changing colour and starting to fall. I must go up there with my camera on a sunny day in a few weeks time to capture the autumn colours – they should be truly spectacular.

We shared a chip butty in the cafe and then I left Lisa and walked back down into town via the woods and Moss Lane. It was only an hour or so of fairly gentle exercise but I felt much better for it!

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