Stroll – Carr Lane, Crow Nest Wood

It had been raining or drizzly all day and I’d been stuck indoors and feeling as though the sides of the valley were closing in on me. It’s what happens here at this time of year when we get the gloomy weather. What can be a really pretty little valley starts to feel a bit like a murky prison!

It wasn’t really the kind of day where I’d normally choose to go for a walk, but Lisa rang and she said she was feeling the same as me. Why not go out for a quick stroll?

Yeah, why not? It was certainly better than just staring at the PC screen feeling bored and fed up!

The light conditions were really weird. I can only say that if anybody knew what it was like to have some kind of teenage drug experience, er, this is what it (allegedly!) might feel like! It was almost dark at a time when it shouldn’t have been. The skies were black as though a thunderstorm was about to take place, but we could feel that it wasn’t going to happen. It was interesting, but it was not pleasant.

We walked through Calder Holmes park to the railway station where we happened to bump into Lisa’s mother so we stopped and chatted to her until her bus arrived. After that, we walked along the Calder Valley Cycleway to the old clog factory, turned right up Carr Lane and walked up to the edge of Crow Nest Wood. We didn’t fancy extending our walk up Spencer Lane to Old Chamber, and the bridleway down through the wood was very muddy after all the rain so we simply descended the concrete road to the back of the railway station and headed home through the park.

It was only about 2.75 miles in total with a moderate ascent mid-way, but even that small amount of exercise refreshed the spirits!

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