Stroll #16 – Midgehole

There was heavy rain overnight and it was still falling when I got up this morning. I didn’t fancy cycling in that, so I switched on the PC and continued my ongoing struggle to find a way of earning a living on t’Interweb. NB – any non-stressful, legal, honest, reasonably paid methods would be considered! 😉

The hours passed quickly, as they do when one is constantly flitting about from one website to another. It suddenly dawned on me that the weather had improved considerably. I should go out!

Then Lisa phoned. She was up at her mother’s house doing some painting, but would soon be heading down the hill. Did I fancy meeting her halfway? Sure!

I got my walking togs on and ‘power-walked’ via the Salem riverside route round to the entrance to Hardcastle Crags, at the end of Midgehole Road. No sign of Lisa. I knew that she was coming down the bridleway from Pecket Well so I decided to head off up the hill rather than hanging about on the road, getting cold.

I was halfway up the bridleway before Lisa came round a bend towards me, then I turned round and walked back down to Midgehole Road with her.

The Salem path had been a bit muddy from all the rain, so we decided to walk home on the road.

I only walked about 3 miles with about 550 ft of altitude gain (5 km distance , 170 m gain) but it felt like more because I’d done the first part of the walk at a very brisk pace. I think I might do more ‘power-walking’ in the winter when the weather conditions are not good for cycling. My hip joints and knees won’t take the battering of running any more, but I can still do hard, hilly walks without too many problems.

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